medidas [n., pl; f], medida [n., singular, f]; Spanish / Portuguese: measures; goals; solutions.

Medidas® is a boutique regulatory advisory experienced in resolving quality & regulatory medical technology product related issues & problems. Our focus is on small-medium (SME) medical device companies, substance-based products and products without medical/therapeutic claims. Our activities include:

  • resolving regulatory-quality scientific-technical problems & isues manufacturers, importers & distributors face; 
  • looking for & implementing practical realistic solutions to those issues; and 
  • increasing regulatory awareness in helping create a corporate culture of compliance in quality & regulatory areas by  developing & publishing quality-regulatory materials. These materials can be found under the header “Publications”. 


Our mission

We strive to provide high quality regulatory – quality expertise, personalised service, a no-nonsense practice approach, flexible scheduling & innovative solutions for regulatory-quality-business issues & problems.  We strive to translate regulatory & quality requirements to identify the business benefit of regulatory compliance in an increasingly complex & regulated marketplace.