Experienced Professionals in Resolving Quality & Regulatory Biomed Product Issues & Problems

medidas [n., pl; f], medida [n., singular, f]; Spanish / Portuguese: measurement, measure; dimension, size; solution, decision, decree.

Medidas has focused,  since its establishment in 1994, on solving regulatory – quality – business problecanstock16832474ms & issues.   As a boutique due diligence  & regulatory compliance administrator, Medidas focuses  on start-ups & small-medium companies involved in developing, manufacturing & distributing medical devices (Class I to Class III), substance based products whether cosmetics or self-use healthcare products, and human donor tissue  and cells/products (HCT/Ps).

Medidas focuses on looking for & finding suitable due diligence solutions that best fit the business objectives & regulatory-quality issues innovative healthcare companies are facing in the global business marketplace.  The approach used is to look at a problem from a business benefit perspective and develop a realistic strategic and compliant solutions that ensure product safety + quality = user safety = quality of health-care.

Positively addressing a company’s due diligence issues,  Medidas helps to put the issues into the right contextual regulatory – business perspective, defining the Why, How and What – the pieces of the regulatory puzzel which are needed to ensure successful products and global business.